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Manuel Rivero Jr. on Aviation Finance Consulting

December 8, 2012 Leave a comment

Aviation finance is a field that covers a variety of topics, from manufacturers and air traffic management to airports and leasing companies. Its main focus is on working with airlines to finance their expensive aircraft. Passengers of Southwest and Ryanair, for example, fly in 737-700s, which cost about $55 million dollars, though most airlines have less expensive aircraft.

Airlines pay for their fleets in a variety of ways, from cash and credit loans to leasing. Because of the variety of ways to purchase aircraft, airlines require the special knowledge of a consultant who understands the industry. Aviation finance consultants usually offer consulting in the areas where their special expertise is needed in order to move forward with a purchase, as well as ensuring corporate compliance with aviation industry standards. They offer much-needed advice on safety, security, and privatization, as well as economics, environmental impact, and climate change.

Manuel Rivero Jr., of Miami, Florida, has over 20 years of professional experience in aviation finance. Currently, he is an aviation finance consultant at his own practice, Rivero & Associates, in Coral, Gables Florida.