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Manuel Rivero, Jr., a resident of Miami, Florida, assumed an executive role at Airstream Services Corporation in 2011. In this position, Manuel Rivero, Jr., manages quotidian operations at the aviation finance company and supervises its employees. In addition, he holds a number of human resources responsibilities, including ensuring insurance compliance and creating benefits packages. In addition to his work with Airstream, Manuel Rivero, Jr., consults through his firm, Rivero & Associates. He focuses primarily on tax audits and finance, and he provides each client with personalized attention and advice.

A graduate of Florida International University in Coral Gables, Manuel Rivero, Jr., holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. He returned to school and earned his Master of Science in Taxation from the same institution’s School of Accounting in 1996. After obtaining his graduate degree, he established ML Rivero & Associates, LLP, which offered accountancy, analytical, finance, and advisory services. During this period, he gained considerable experience in the foreign aviation industry, especially in the field of compliance and payroll, which led to his current position at Airstream.

Manuel Rivero, Jr., maintains fluency in English and Spanish, a skill set that has helped him build a large international network of aviation professionals. In addition, he has traveled throughout Central and South America to discuss international financial policy and train clients on relevant protocol. For recreation, he enjoys exploring the greater Miami area and keeps active by biking and playing basketball. In addition, he collects classic automobiles. Striving to give back as much as possible, he supports Goodwill Industries International, Inc., as well as the South Florida Humane Society.

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