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Global Eagle’s Entertainment Deal, by Manuel Rivero Jr.

Global Eagle recently announced a $430 million deal that will make them a major player in the arena of in-flight entertainment. Global Eagle, which is changing its name to Global Eagle Entertainment, acquired Row 44 Inc., a company that provides satellite broadband to Southwest Airlines. Global Eagle also acquired an 86 percent controlling share of Advanced Inflight Alliance (AIA) in the deal. AIA is a German company that provides in-flight entertainment around the world, servicing over 130 different airlines.

Currently only about 1,800 out of 13,000 commercial aircraft are able to provide passengers with internet access. Global Eagle hopes to increase the number of planes with internet access, providing new forms of entertainment, including in-flight video games. The deal is still undergoing regulatory approval.

About Manuel Rivero Jr.: Mr. Rivero is a Vice President at Airstream Services Corporation, a Florida-based consulting firm that caters to clients in the aviation industry, and a member of the International Air Transport Association.