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Basics of Effective Human Resources

Based in Miami, Florida, Manuel Rivero Jr. applies more than 20 years of financial aviation experience to his current position at Airstream Services Corporation. An executive manager and implementation expert with more than a decade of experience in the human resources field, Manuel Rivero Jr. also provided financial consulting and analysis services for Rivero & Associates, LLP, until 2011.

An important component of any successful company, the human resources department nonetheless presents its own set of challenges. No single model of human resources will cover all of a company’s needs all the time; as a business changes, human resources must adapt. Successful human resources managers, however, recognize that a flexible department can also be a focused department. Making human resources employee- and user-friendly can ensure a productive and efficient workforce.

Human resources professionals should also strive to grow and develop in their field. By constantly learning about advances in the industry, human resources professionals can anticipate challenges and meet them effectively.

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