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Manuel Rivero Jr.: Representing, Leading, and Serving the Airline Industry

Manuel Rivero Jr., of Miami, Florida, has over 20 years of world-wide experience in the airline industry. Fluent in both Spanish and English, he is also a member of Asociacion Internacional de Transporte Aereo, also known as the International Air Transport Association. For over 60 years, the International Air Transport Association has been the global trade organization for one of the most dynamic, complex industries in the world: air transport. With a mission to “represent, lead, and serve the airline industry,” the Association is home to over 240 carriers that make up the world’s leading passenger and cargo airlines. The Association represents the airline industry through improving communications among important decision makers within the industry, as well as with national and global economies. Leadership is accomplished via Association efforts to help airlines create simpler processes, reduce costs and environmental harm, and improve overall efficiency and safety. In addition, the Association serves the airline industry by helping both people and goods to reach their final destination, no matter how many different airlines and/or flights they take. Through the International Air Transport Association, Manuel Rivero Jr. has been able to aid the airline industry, from airlines and passengers to governments and cargo agents.